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We stock a variety of interior moulded doors in hollow and solid core. Nearly every style is available in 68 and 80 heights and some are carried in 70 . We also carry a wide selection of natural wood panel and sash doors, primarily in 6/8 height, with some available in 7/0 or 8/0 . Many more sizes and styles are available through special order.

Your home is your castle and interior doors can make a bold statement. Dyke Lumber and Millwork has a large variety of interior doors to meet your personal style and preference.  We not only pride ourselves in offering you the highest quality in interior doors but we are also very proud of the craftsmanship and quality our door shop puts into every door they assemble.

Here a few of our manufactures:

Engineered styles and rails resist warping. See cross-section diagram of engineered style for design details. Real wood is used for all wooden door parts and panels. Thick real wood veneer is used on the outer layer of engineered styles and rails. Wood dowel construction provides added strength, and increases the overall durability of each door. Our craftsmen bring years of experience to your project. Working with wood is simply a part of us. A moisture resistant seal is applied on the bottom of exterior doors. With this added barrier to moisture, and by following proper care procedures, your exterior wood door will endure as the landmark of your home.

• 2021 Interior Doors (PDF)

Real beauty isn’t here today and gone tomorrow. It’s strong, stable and always enduring. You’ll discover these qualities in every JELD-WEN® Fiberglass and Steel exterior door. These doors are built to last. You can count on them to enhance your home for many years. Because at JELD-WEN, we always make beauty reliable.

• Jeld-Wen Molded Doors (PDF)
• Jeld-Wen Authentic Wood Doors (PDF)
• Jeld-Wen Tria Composite Doors (PDF)
• Jeld-Wen Moda Doors (PDF)
• Jeld-Wen Care and Maintenance (PDF)

"Stallion Collection" of distinctive interior stile and rail wood doors, we set out to assure that every homeowner will be able to find doors that are perfect for their home.

• 2021 Interior Doors (PDF)

Steve and Sons

Since 1866 the Steves family has always been involved in the company. Today, six generations later, Steves & Sons continues its commitment to quality, craftsmanship and style. The Steves family founded the company on the principles of conservative growth and environmental responsibility.

• Interior Door Guide (PDF)


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