Dyke Industries



How far do you deliver?
With our fleet and drivers we service a 200 mile radius around Springfield, MO.  Should you have needs outside this area please contact your salesperson.

What products do you sell?
We are a stocking distributor of lumber and sheathing products, builders hardware, decking material, doors, windows, exterior siding products, interior doors and trim, hardwood and sofwood boards, finish hardware, as well as many other products. We can also provide just about anything else you would need for your house or project.

What are your hours and days are you open?
6AM to 5PM Monday thru Friday.

Do you sell floor and roof trusses?
Yes, we can supply trusses if you give us a floor plan with exact measurement and with the specs of the roof.

Do you stock engineered lumber (I-joist & LVL)?
Yes, we stock LP engineered lumber. We also can get you an engineered floor system if you supply us with a detailed set of plans.

Can you run special trim patterns and if so, what species of wood can you run them in?
We stock many patterns at our yard in several different species ( clear pine, oak, primed finger joint and MDF). If you do not find what you like we can custom run almost anything you want in any specie of wood if you provide us with a pattern or sample.

What other custom millwork items do you make?
We make shutters, flowerboxes, gable vents, & fireplace mantles, just to name a few. They are made here in our trim shop to any size you request and we also can order cupolas for you.

Do you have an office for the contractors & clients to utilize while going over the plans?
Yes, we have a place in our showroom right under our patio display just for that.

How do you designate a left versus a right hand swing for doors?
When figuring door swings you need to put your back up against the hinge side and if the door swings to your right it is a right hand – if it swings to your left it is a left hand. If you are doing an exterior door you need to specify if it is an outswing or an inswing but you can determine the swing as mentioned above.


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Administrators enter your 10 digit Dyke account number, including the dash (XXXXXX-XXXX). Sales Accounts enter the Username provided to you by your Administrator.